Actual Things That Came Out of Human Mouths at Day One of TechCrunch's Disrupt SF Conference

I hate you all.

"Swimming in the social stream."
"Crowdsourcing app discovery-platform."
"Can you talk about getting conceptual liftoff?"
"What's your current go-to-market strategy?"
"Now, let's talk about disrupting the disruptors."
"We're iterating our butts off, dude."
"Looks like it's searching for a use case."
"We're all about glocal right now."
"Collaborative consumption is truly a revolution."
"Plat-Ag." (As in "Platform-Agnostic.")
"You did one of the great pivots of all-time."
"We don't measure our success by financial results."

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10 Responses:

  1. John Bloom says:

    Sooo, any regrets on getting out of the tech industry?

  2. Looks like we're back to the days of worrying about making money after the IPO.

  3. Andreas says:

    Would that Romulans came in and demonstrated all the other things disruptors can do.

  4. Diffeomorph says:

    Thank you for reminding me why I need to get the fuck out of the tech industry. One of my friends is thinking about starting a sports bar and wants me to join him; another is founding a startup and wants me, as well. I think I'm going with the sports bar.

    • 205guy says:

      Just make sure it's not a sports bar that caters to startup "employees," for example in SOMA. Note that even though DNA is in SOMA, I do not think it caters to startup types, or at least not directly as a coffee shop or bar might.

  5. hattifattener says:

    Several of those make sense, though they're a bit twee… but "glocal"?

  6. I hear this is the culture that thinks it shouldbe "disrupting" and "re-imagining" education.

    Jesus fucking wept.

  7. Xeno says:

    Excellent illustration

  8. "We don't measure our success by financial results." - Holy FACEPALM Batman! That's just.. wow, I'd have died laughing had I heard that.

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