Still not sure what I wanna be when I grow up

Depending on how you count, in a year or two I will have been an impresario longer than I was a hacker.

So what should I do in Season Three?

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iOS 6 ad-tracking opt-out

It's plainly posted, right behind the sign that says "Beware of the Leopard Mountain Lion":

Settings → General → About → Advertising → Limit Ad Tracking → On

It's far from clear what, if anything, this actually accomplishes, but it's a thing that exists.

Update: Oh, hey, here's another:

Settings → Privacy → Location Services → System Services → Location-based iAds → Off

This is a level of obscurity worthy of Facebook. Well played, Apple.

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Why isn't DPT crowdsourced?

I wish I could just take a picture of the license plate of cars parked in the bike lane or otherwise engaged in obvious jackassery, MMS it to DPT, and cause a ticket to be issued. All the information is there: timestamp, GPS, photo. It could work just the same as red-light cameras.

Someone please make this happen.

I'm coming for you, UPS.

See also: How Long Did This Driver Park in a Bike Lane? A Case Study and See Driver Hit Bike Cop. See Driver Run. See Driver Get Arrested.

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You have a nice day too, Sir

As the guy swung his door wide into the bike lane and I swerved around it and yelled "HEY!", can you guess what the guy's retort was?

That's right:

"Fuck you!"


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DNA Lounge: Wherein we engage in some archæology.

Devon just found this under the stage: A Technics SL-P 1300 DJ CD player, manufactured in 1990.

I thought dinosaurs were extinct!


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