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I have a lot of friends who think that they like live music -- and I'm sure that they do in their own little way -- but it's pretty hard to get them to actually leave their couches.

Years back, I used to post my upcoming schedule of shows that were on my radar. It didn't seem to help, because I ended up going to almost all of those shows by myself anyway. It was kind of a hassle to compile the list and didn't seem to be doing me any good, so I stopped.

(A conversation I used to have a lot: Them: "My new favorite band is coming to town next month but it's already sold out." Me: "Yeah, I saw them two years ago, they were great." Them: "Why didn't you tell me!" Me: "I did tell you. You hadn't heard of them. BTW, they were on one of my mixtapes.")

Then Facebook showed up, and I tried sending FB event invites to my friends for the shows I was planning to go to. That didn't work either -- literally zero results -- and probably just caused them to block me, since I was interfering with their important cat-pictures and hair-washing time.

But lately I've had a few of my friends say "But but but I totally would have gone if I'd known about it". I've heard that story before, but it's been a couple of years, so I guess I'll try again!

Here, then, are some shows worthy of consideration in the next few weeks:

Wed, Sep 19:   Ringo Deathstarr, Permanent Collection, Chasms @ Milk Bar
Wed, Sep 19:   Breton @ Brick and Mortar
Thu, Sep 20:   Azure Ray @ Swedish American Hall
Thu, Sep 20:   Mansfield Aviator, Astral, The Basements @ Bottom of the Hill
Fri, Sep 21:   Holograms, Maus Haus, Group Rhoda @ Rickshaw Stop
Sat, Sep 22:   Superhero Street Fair
Sun, Sep 23:   The Limousines, Little Boots, Ladyhawke @ Folsom Street Fair
Wed, Sep 26:   Dragonette @ Mezzanine
Mon, Oct 01:   Garbage @ Warfield
Mon, Oct 01:   Blood Red Shoes, Happy Fangs, Starskate @ Rickshaw Stop
Thu, Oct 04:   Niki and the Dove @ Rickshaw Stop
Thu, Oct 11:   Tricycle Records show @ Public Works
Thu, Oct 11:   Trapeze @ Monarch
Thu, Oct 11:   2:54 @ Brick and Mortar
Fri, Oct 12:   Mortified @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Oct 12:   Tomorrow's World, Housse de Racket, Citizens! @ Rickshaw Stop
Fri, Oct 12:   Das Racist @ DNA Lounge
Sat, Oct 13:   Presets, Public Enemy, Grimes, K.Flay @ Treasure Island
Sun, Oct 14:   XX, M83, Best Coast, Los Campesinos! @ Treasure Island
Sat, Oct 20:   Stars @ Fillmore
Mon, Oct 22:   Ultraista @ Independent
Mon, Oct 22:   Crystal Castles @ Fox Theatre
Wed, Oct 24:   Rasputina @ Great American Music Hall
Fri, Oct 26:   Ume @ Independent
Sat, Oct 27:   Asteroids Galaxy Tour @ Fillmore
Wed, Oct 31:   All Hallow's Eve @ DNA Lounge

If you know of other shows you think I might enjoy, please let me know!

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