DNA Lounge: Wherein you are cordially invited.

We passed our ABC inspection today, and they say we can begin serving liquor in DNA Pizza tomorrow!

So please join us from 5pm to 7pm on Tue Sep 18 for $1 cocktails at our celebratory happy hour!

Our staff and our construction crew really busted their asses this week to make this happen. There were quite a few late nights and weekends, and lots of nail-biting. Thanks guys!

Though we now have a full liquor license that covers the entirety of both buildings, we still don't have a combined occupancy permit for the whole space, which means we can't open the upstairs yet, and I think means that, even though we are allowed to have people in both DNA Lounge and DNA Pizza, we still aren't allowed to let people walk through the connecting doors downstairs. I think. Because the world is mad.

And now the photos.

The bar in Above DNA is finished. The front has been stuccoed, and the pre-rusted steel surface has been installed. It looks pretty much just like the DNA Lounge bars did on the day they were installed, which is to say, rusty and reddish. Today, those DNA bars are more silver with streaks of rust due to the aromatic mix of alcohol, sugar and cleaning products to which they are regularly subjected... I imagine this one will look the same once we start using it.

The beer tower is also installed in the bar and spliced in, though it's not yet hooked up on the head-end. The thicker, braided tubes are for the coolant, and the other ones are for beer. The snake is not very flexible, so it took some acrobatics to get it in there.

The front room sound system is installed. Two hanging mains aim forward, and subs will go under the stage. We had to make a trade-off between stage size and monitor positioning. We hung three monitors instead of leaving them on the stage, because leaving them down would mean that the stage would have to be deeper, and we could fit fewer people in the room. But, flying them makes mic feedback a little more of a hassle. So we'll see how that goes.

The whole system runs through a Sound Web, just like next door.

Room Four is looking downright civilized! The sound system is installed there as well, and we're lighting it with slowly-oscillating low-wattage Edison bulbs. No moving fixtures. It's warm and mellow. (It's also very dark, so these pictures aren't an entirely accurate representation of what it looks like.)

Also the big plywood box around the connecting stairs on the balcony is gone, and the stairs and handrails are in. The next time you are at DNA, you may notice stairs going up to an alcove, with doors you can't yet go through.

This means that now I have a stoop. And a few days ago, I saw a bunch of kids sitting on my stoop. Hey you kids. Get on my stoop.