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Nightmare Fortress

"Can I get some more fog machine in my monitor?"

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Michigan J. Protocol

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SOMA Nature Walk

This is my current favorite piece of construction equipment:

They are using it to dig very narrow, deep holes which they then drop girders in to. The girders are 3' tall and at least 50' long. I gather that these are the support walls that will prevent the whole block from collapsing once they drop the drilling machine in. Since this neighborhood is built on sand piled on top of broken docks and scuttled ships, they presumably have to go pretty deep to hit rock.

But the thing that I think is really great about this is that someone took the time to engineer a die-cut logo into the side wall. Maybe that didn't take much in the CAD program (it doesn't remove that much mass), but still, it suggests that someone actually gave a shit about this big scoop. It could have been bolted on, but instead it goes straight through an inch of steel.

(There are actually two different kinds of scoop pictured here, but the taller, cooler one is hard to shoot.)

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Bear Scaffold

You'd really expect this to be on Folsom, not downtown.

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A Speculative List Of Jay-Z's 99 Problems

This list seems 99% accurate.

28. Worries re: porn addiction.
29. Extreme fear of spiders.
34. Increasing trouble accepting the true existence of `authenticity,' of which his identity has been largely based.
35. Still unable to get through Joyce's Ulysses; currently on his fourth attempt; contributes to an insecurity that holds he's "not good enough" and "not intellectual."
41. Current income seems `weak' compared to the GNP of the US, other Western powers.
52. Confusion regarding how frequent one should use Q-tips to remove earwax, due to information he read that stated, more or less, that Q-tips were damaging because earwax had specific, important functions to ear health and bodily orientation and that the removal of earwax simply stimulated the production of more earwax, rendering Q-tip usage asinine.
63. Worries about experience of no sense of `place' or `home'; feelings of belonging `nowhere,' esp. in regard to American and European cities which lead to a sort of uncanny experience of `floating' and meaninglessness at each house purchased.
64. Trouble choosing NFL team to root for as a cause of the feeling described above.
67. Chapped lips.
68. A growing sense of lactose intolerance.
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Apparently nobody sells a Vincent Price mask.

That's just wrong.

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