DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein the Emperor suffers an Insult.

How to give away tickets

Every day on their current tour, Metric have been posting a couple of pictures like this of some place around town where they've taped up an envelope containing two tickets to that night's show.

I think that's awesome.


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List of catgirls

This is a list of catgirls in notable fictional works.

  1. Catgirls who always have real cat ears and a tail
  2. Nekomusume
  3. Catgirls who always have real cat ears
  4. Girls who transform into catgirls
  5. Girls who are seen wearing catgirl costumes regularly
  6. Catboys
  7. Real Cats with human traits
  8. Western catgirls
  9. Live action catgirls
  10. Webcomic catgirls
  11. Others
  12. References

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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein I finally vent about our new ABC permit.

Burn victim identified by maggots on body

Pretty sure I saw this on CSI.

When Mexican police found a body in the woods it was burned beyond recognition, its DNA too damaged to be used for identification. Luckily, investigators were able to extract DNA from elsewhere - the digestive systems of maggots that had been feeding on the body. This is the first time that human DNA from a maggot gut has been analysed in this way to successfully identify a victim in a legal case.
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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein the upstairs beer tower is now fully operational.

Youtube download escalation

Youtube has deployed youtubedown countermeasures. I have deployed counter-countermeasures. Grab the new version.


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Lowjack your sock drawer

New system uses RFID tech to keep track of your socks

Each individual sock comes with an RFID chip attached to the cuff. Stored on that chip is the sock's unique ID number. The Smarter Socks system also includes an RFID scanner, and a free iPhone app.

After a load of the socks have been washed, the user (or their maid, perhaps) scans the chip on each sock. The scanner sends the data by Bluetooth to the iPhone, which is running the app. That app proceeds to tell the user how old the sock is, whether it's for the left or right foot, how many times it's been washed, and which sock is its partner. Once its partner is located and scanned, the app updates the number of washings for the pair.

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Dali Clock, Four Inches Tall

To make your apps not be letterboxed on iPhone 5, you have to re-build and re-submit the app.

So to those of you with a crack-like addition to The Shiny, please enjoy Dali Clock 2.37 in the app store now.

(Yeah, I'll do a new xscreensaver release some time soon, but I've got some bugs there I want to look into first. Dali Clock didn't actually require any code changes, just a re-spin.)


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So great!

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