Well, this is nauseating.

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  1. spindritf says:

    I'm glad they beeped out the expletives, otherwise the video would be disturbing.

  2. pavel_lishin says:

    I wonder if someone goes through and tweaks popular videos' thumbnails.

  3. Joe says:

    ...and arousing. Not the best combination of feelings.

  4. Gavin Hogan says:

    Reminds me on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1Nd1qtk1Go El camino del rey in Spain, beautiful video of a scary 'walk'

  5. Chris Saari says:

    Mirror's Edge, or EyeTap means Man on Wire, although I'd prefer parkour to straight up heights. Works for science too http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/18686671

  6. I didn't find it so much nauseating as... "adrenalizing"? It didn't make me sick at all, but it did make my heart start beating faster and harder.

    And no, not because of the boobs. Yes, they were an occasional distraction, but honestly, this is not porn. I was too busy looking at the ground.

  7. MattyJ says:

    Just three minutes of boobs? What a rip.

  8. jwz says:

    I think the thing that is creepy about this is that it's the antithesis of a parkour or base-jumping video: rather than exuding expertise, this one kind of reeks of you have no idea what you're doing and you're going to die.

    • Also, the omnipresent water damage and fracture marks on a cantilevered concrete "walkway" that appears to be 100% decorative. Dear fucking lord.

      • LionsPhil says:

        I don't know which cracks were worse: the ones that go all the way through the beam, or the section that's just reduced to crazy paving.

  9. J. Peterson says:

    From the side (plausibly looks like the same woman)

  10. Edouard says:

    What the hell was going through the architects head when he decided to stick a walk/death track 20 stories up on the outside of the building?

    I guess the Nanny State has never been to Russia (which, on a political level, is kind of an amusing observation).

    • jmags says:

      During the Soviet era, all large buildings were required to have such walkways to help Spetznatz agents who needed to rappel into the building to arrest dissidents.

  11. MattF says:

    Lasted until 0:57, which is pretty good for an acrophobe. On the other hand, I can make a prediction about exactly what anxiety dream I'm having tonight.

  12. Roost says:

    The Internet has surely gotten a hell lot more interesting since the russians got on it with their cameras.

  13. How will I ever learn how to speak Russian if they keep bleeping everything out?

  14. DaveL says:

    Buy The Dictionary of Russian Obscenities" by David Allan Drummond.

    Breaks the ice at parties!

  15. Clay Bridges says:

    "Um, guys, my eyes are up here. No, waaaaaay up here."

  16. Angel Ortega says:

    So this is how having boobs and doing catwalks feel. I think I'll repeat.