This 12-foot-tall Humpty Hump head needs a home, wonders if you're ticklish

This 12-foot-tall Humpty Hump head needs a home, wonders if you're ticklish

The enormous noggin was made both as a stage prop and as a set piece for the group's 1993 music video "Return Of The Crazy One." According to the person who alerted everyone to its existence on Tumblr, whoever last owned the head (not another member of Digital Underground, hopefully) had been evicted from his or her apartment, and was actually living in the head for several weeks before being discovered. And while that might sound uncomfortable, the head is actually big enough to house a full dressing room and an electronic elevator that would lift Humpty out through the giant nose and onto the stage. Also featuring sunglasses that would light up and lips and chin that double as steps, the head originally cost $50,000 to build, and required an 18-wheel truck to transport and a four-man forklift team to move--although it splits into three convenient pieces.
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7 Responses:

  1. MattyJ says:

    How is it that this thing is not already in the Smithsonian?

    Someone please tell me that the giant ass (not Sir Mix-A-Lot) from the Baby Got Back video is also available.

    I just got an idea for the world's most awesome hip-hop mini golf course.

  2. You missed the buried lead: "Shock-G says that he’ll pay for the transport, storage, and cleaning of the item if someone will just take it."

    • pavel_lishin says:

      "Hey, Mom, look, I'm going to have some guys drop something off in the backyard at y'all's house, ok? No, don't worry about it, it won't be an eye-sore, but I will need you to move the rusted camaro out of the way so they can put it by the garden. It's a surprise."

  3. Ol says:

    Benjamin Pierce: My art... keeps me sane.
    [gestures at plaster head]
    Benjamin Pierce: Art.
    [taps his temples]
    Benjamin Pierce: Sane

  4. Glen Raphael says:

    That's quite a centerpiece! So, which room of the DNA is it going into?

  5. is the elevator ADA compliant?

  6. And people say you're hard to shop for, right?