The Ancestral Sandwich of My People.

Now with Bloody Mary.

It was literally the only thing I missed about the Blighted East.

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27 Responses:

  1. Chris Hanson says:

    Oh my god, where?

    • Ernest says:

      Looks like something from Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh, PA:

    • adam alpern says:

      Giordano's, I presume.

      • Chris Hanson says:

        Giordano's is something very different from what looks like Giordano Bros.

        Patxi's is the closest I've found to Giordano's in the Bay Area.

    • jwz says:

      The Location header up there is provided for yor clicking convenience on all "firstperson" photos.

      • Chris Hanson says:

        And after some further work, that tells me the name of the restaurant: Giordano Bros.

      • Tom Lord says:

        How "authentic" is the bread? (It doesn't look right.) At retail I've not found anything on the West Coast to compare to the real deal. When I last lived in Pgh. the factory that (at least then) made the bespoke bread for P. Brothers had a fire. At the time there were still just the two locations and they had to briefly shut down! It was a big news item. The meats, the cheese, the fries, the slaw -- all do-able out here. The bread has been a bottleneck for my home-made efforts.

        • jwz says:

          I find it authentic -- it's very mushy and sticks to your teeth -- but the last time I had the real thing was during the previous Interglacial, so memories fade.

      • Tom Lord says:

        Also: toothpick with frilly thing on the end? That ain't right. (But probably they can't just do the Primanti's "squish" technique because of faulty bread.)

  2. Rae says:

    Oh, yeah, we have a food truck in LA that serves those.

    (I could have said that about literally anything, though.)

  3. Jack Tanner says:

    jwz iz from pgh?

  4. Nick Thompson says:

    This is good to know about, but what if I want a buckwheat crepe?

  5. gryazi says:

    I'm too far north. What is this delicious beast called?

  6. Grey Hodge says:

    I completely agree. Best sandwiches on the planet. Although I like the city a little more than you do, I still wouldn't move back either.

  7. jwz says:

    The important detail here that has perhaps been overlooked is that Giordano Bros now seems to have a full liquor license.

  8. Ernest says:

    I live in Pittsburgh but work for a company in Sunnyvale, and visit there pretty often. I'll have to try Giordano Bros when I'm in town later this month and compare it to Primanti Bros.

  9. Steve Lieber says:

    I... I can't believe it's been 20 years since I've had a Primanti Bros sandwich.

  10. Phos.... says:

    Ya go tuh Permanni Brutherz fer the sangwidge, ya go tuh the Durty O fer thuh ambienze.

  11. Steve Lieber says:

    I'm told that Pittsburgh will soon be abandoning the meat, potato, egg, and coleslaw sandwich in favor of hummus.

  12. vince says:

    I'm in pittsburgh for a conference and tracked down one of these sandwiches solely because I saw it here. The magic of the internet I suppose. No one warned me about the "neo-gothic" skyscrapers though.

    • nooj says:

      Ah, the Cathedral of Learning (cue forbidding music)! I always loved it that all of learning was housed within that single tower. Learning sure makes for nice ceilings.

      • vince says:

        Well, that one too. I was more disturbed by PPG Place.
        ( I guess that forces me to admit I was at the touristy Primanti location, but that's because it was the lease crowded one that I encountered when picking random directions at intersections trying to get to Point State Park from my hotel).