Sight: This is nice and creepy. It would have fit in well as an episode of Black Mirror.


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  1. What disturbs me the most about this is how likely it is to actually be our future. I'm already basically a cyborg - connected to the internet about 18 hours a day, using my iphone as external memory, information retrieval, gamification apps to motivate me - a constant stream of content to consume, that if I go without for an extended period of time I go into withdrawal.

    Fuck, I need to get off the internet.

    • pavel_lishin says:

      > using my iphone as external memory

      I dunno. I already use cars, bikes and subways as my external legs. I use a knife and fork as my external fingers. I use medicine as my external immune system. I use the grocery store as my extended hunt-down-and-kill-an-antelope. Doesn't bother me too much.

      • It's more about the augmented personality parts that disturbs me - having an app that tells you how to interact with people, so without the app you have no personality.

  2. Jon Wood says:

    Well, that took an abrupt left into NOPEville.

  3. 205guy says:

    I probably don't hang out in the right circles, but that's the first time I see a wingsuit simulator being popularized. Though a quick google shows "wingsuit simulation" is an active game field. The other concepts in this video remind me of the following music video by Orelsan (French rapper)--may or may not appeal, but the video itself is very well done. Even the ending has parallels:

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