Never trust a man with a pig farm, or a plastination company.

Bo Xilai's former mistress on display in Body Worlds

According to reports, Zhang was Bo Xilai's mistress in 1998, and she challenged openly challenged Gu Kailai after she was found pregnant. Gu, at trying to bring down the news anchor from behind the scenes, eventually called upon China's national and public security forces to threaten Zhang into leaving her job. After she left television, Zhang had taken to promoting a petition against Gu Kailai until she collapsed into a state of hysteria.

She was secretly detained in the Dalian Nanshan Hotel and attempted suicide several times. Afterwards, she disappeared from the world, and nobody has known her whereabouts since.

The pregnant woman's body at the Bodies exhibition was said to resemble Zhang's skull shape and the near mature fetus inside the pregnant body seems not to be the result of an execution.

Yeah, this has all the trappings of single-sourced Grade-A Internet Bullshit, but what a floral vintage. It also shares a certain similarity with the movie Anatomie starring Franka Potente of Run Lola Run. It was a pretty decent horror movie. Avoid the sequel, though.

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4 Responses:

  1. James C. says:

    Well, it is likely that those von Hagens–inspired plastination exhibits probably use executed Chinese criminals because that’s a ready supply of fresh corpses with no strings attached...

  2. Ben Liblit says:

    Original text: "the near mature fetus inside the body seems not to be the result of an abotion."

    Posted here: "the near mature fetus inside the pregnant body seems not to be the result of an execution."

    (Emphasis added by me to highlight changes.)

    • jwz says:

      Hey, I just cut and pasted what was on the site at the time. Another site had omitted the "not" before "execution", and I couldn't find the article on the original site at all. So, like I said, single-sourced bullshit.

      • Ben Liblit says:

        Interesting. It was a strange-enough mismatch that I thought I should point it out, but I didn’t want to presume anything at all about who changed what or why. Thanks for the clarification.

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