jwz mixtape 120

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 120.

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  1. iud says:

    Last two have been great. Wound up buying a few albums.

    You were going off the rails with avante-garde vid for awhile back there.

  2. Rex Roof says:

    this is a great mix.

    I made a spotify playlist for it:
    jwz mixtape 120 on spotify

    three tracks I had trouble finding on spotify:
    14 Mademoiselle Yulia -- Gimme Gimme (2011)
    15 Chew Lips -- Hurricane (2012)
    20 K.Flay -- Rest Your Mind (2012)

  3. relaxing says:

    Sort of an El Topo theme in that Ladyhawke video. Neat.

    • relaxing says:

      That Diamond Rings video is amazing, I just wish these 80s fetishists would remember the point of all that style was sex. Frankie say don't relax that much,

      On the other hand, I'm on the fence as to exactly how offense the "really rich, really attractive kids having sex" trope is.

  4. Juliansr says:

    thanks for doing this, i'm pretty sure you subliminally had these vid lists in mind from the very beginning @ moz, so pat yourself on the back. They're very welcome on my node of the net.