Long exposure fireworks

I actually find fireworks kind of boring, but apparently that's because I can't SEE THROUGH TIME:

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DNA Lounge: Wherein there are posters, photos and tentatively good ABC news.

We got some good ABC news today. I know, you don't understand those words in that order, do you? It has now moved into a rarified state known as "Section 24044", which means "Approved Pending Final Inspection". This means that ABC is claiming that there are no outstanding protests, and we don't have to go through a hearing, which is fantastic, because they had been making vague noises that they might jerk us around in that manner once again.

So, hooray.

We have a coulple new posters for sale! We got the posters in for the Thrill Kill Kult and Covenant shows next month, and you can buy those now. (That TKK poster... it's dirty! Subtle though.) So when you buy your tickets for the shows, hint hint, be sure to grab some posters too.

Photos are up of last night's Debut which was also SFIEC's tenth anniversary, so congratulations to them!

Also: I know it still feels like summer, but this is the time of year when our November and December dates start filling up, so if you'd like to book your company's holiday party here, now's the time! Please pass along our Rentals page to the folks at your company who organize such things, ok?


Pulsating skin dress

Local Androids: Like Living Organisms

A breathing artificial skin garment with pulsing veins (air is pumping through the veins to simulate a pulse), the pulse increases when you approach and the neckpiece deflates on touch as sign of trust.

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Mi-Go Brain Cylinder

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