A Mole of Moles

What would happen if you were to gather a mole of moles in one place?

The outer surface of the Mole planet radiates heat into space and freezes. Because the moles form a literal fur coat, when frozen it insulates the interior of the planet and slows the loss of heat to space. However, the flow of heat in the liquid interior is dominated by convection. Plumes of hot meat and bubbles of trapped gases like methane -- along with the air from the lungs of the deceased moles -- periodically rise through the mole crust and erupt volcanically from the surface, a geyser of death blasting mole bodies free of the planet.

XKCD doesn't usually do it for me, but his new "What If?" series is off to a decent start. Relativistic Baseball is also nicely gory.

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Wrigley Co. Uses Bestiality to Sell Skittles

And John Nolte doesn't like it one bit:

Pay special attention to the thoroughly disgusting sound effects.

You can laugh and say it's just a joke, but through a war of inches, Hollywood continues its assault to define deviancy down and to normalize destructive behavior. Humor is an excellent way to get us used to and to take the shock value out of something hideous and immoral.

If you don't think there's an agenda behind this, you haven't been paying attention the last 40 years. And if you don't think that there are those who hold the levers of power in our popular culture that would like to remove the stigma from bestiality, you don't understand the depths of sexual depravity the human animal is capable of.

I used to laugh at loud at the term "slippery slope."

Then I grew up.

But I am at least old enough to remember when our culture wanted to protect a woman's dignity, not degrade women under the guise of "liberation" and "equality."

Oh yeah, baby, you've come a real long way.

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Sight: This is nice and creepy. It would have fit in well as an episode of Black Mirror.


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Dude I can see your house from here

The Internet map. That's me in the middle. You may know some of my close neighbors such as mybulgaria.info, bjork.com and zazzle.ca. (Supposedly proximity indicates linkages, but I have my doubts.)

dnalounge.com doesn't show up. Nor does mcom.com for that matter.

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Suidobashi Heavy Industry

How To Ride Kuratas

I don't even care if this is true. It's amazing.

"With alignment set properly, the system will fire when the pilot smiles."

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XScreenSaver for iOS now available in the App Store!


I don't know which of you managed to change their minds, but to all of you who tried, thank you very much!

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know how it works.

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The intersection of the "teeth" and "eyes" tags is always a sweet spot.

Emma Montague's Mandibular Eyewear

The result are a beautiful series of sunglasses made from black horn, the jaw bones of deer and acetate.

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Any of you using Echoprint successfully?

It's basically an open-source Shazam back-end: you feed their server chunks of audio and it tells you what songs are in it.

So, you know what would be awesome, is to run that over the archived DNA webcasts to generate actual playlists after the fact.

Except, it seems to barely match anything, even the hits of the 80s. I was testing it on Depeche Mode's Some Great Reward, because hey, not exactly obscure, but when feeding it successive 30 second chunks of each song, it seems to get a match about one time in 50.

Here's my rough draft of the code: echoprint.pl.

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