XScreenSaver iOS guinea pig sought

Do you have a Retina-display iPad, an Apple developer account, and the knowledge of how to compile something in Xcode and cause it to run on that iPad? If so, send me mail, I've got some patches I'd like you to try out. (I still have an iPad 1, so I need a testing victim.) Thanks!
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11 Responses:

  1. Bill Williams says:

    I have both available and should be ablre to give it a go either this evening or tomorrow. My email should show up in your site admin.

  2. Will says:

    I, in theory, should be able to do that, too.

  3. Jerrold Poh says:

    Hi jwz, yep I have both an iPad (Retina) and also a developer account and would be more than happy to test!

  4. deathdrone says:

    jwz i love you i made out with a fat girl in your club and i've read your blog for like eleven years or something you are a legend and i would fucking love to be your code bitch i meet the requirements!!! i do i compile stuff for my ipad i am eligible! mwah mwah sorry for my gushing but i love you. please choose me. mwah. you sexy beast. i want to stroke your beard. do you have a beard? i hope so. mwah. i saw some guy at dna pizza who kinda looked like a balding punk with an macbook pro with lots of band stickers on it, was that you? he wasn't cuddly at all, he kind of looked like a big fascist and he told me i was a fire hazard but that's ok i still love him and you too if that was you mwah. i wouldn't sit in his lap or anything but maybe we could give each other manly bro hugs while we eat pizza and watch MTV. mwah. btw will you hire me i live in san fran and i want a programming job. i'm pretty leet imo. i wanna hang out with you and all the goth chicks while we program and eat pizza. THIS MACHINE DISPENSES YOUR GOD haha you are such a fucking badass i love you <3

    • Adolf Osborne says:

      I find your ideas to be intriguing to me, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

        • jwz says:

          Nothing impresses the ladies like a pedantic correction of a fifteen year old Simpsons joke. Nothing.

          • Sorry, I phrased that wrong. Let me try again:

            "I've always wondered where that came from, because I've seen it all over the place for years, but I never really gave a shit about the Simpons. A Google search came back with the right thing, even though search for what you, Adolf Osborne, posted wasn't quite the right phrase. Maybe you also don't know where it came from, since you quoted it slightly incorrectly."

            • Adolf Osborne says:

              "It is with great pleasure that I find your correspondence. Please allow me to thank you for researching this matter on my behalf. The insights revealed are unquestionably of the utmost merit and will benefit me greatly in all of my future dealings. Indeed, my entire world is changed.

              I am forever in your debt, and would like to have your children."

    • David M.A. says:

      What the fuck did I just read.

    • Buddy Casino says:

      This had to happen eventually. A void has been filled, and in a strange way, there is a feeling of relief. I'm glad it didn't suck, and I wish to express my gratefulness to you, deathdrone.

      Now I can safely go back to reading one of my favourite blogs ever, mwha.