Mr. The Plague, Sir?

What we have here is a coupla nerds drinkin' and watching a documentary about the Hungarian demoscene.

I'm sad to say that it's kinda dull -- too many neckbeard interviews, not enough C64 eye candy.

But this cannot go un-noted -- glVertex3f! Suck it, GLES!

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  1. Lars Viklund says:

    So what's the name of this documentary and where can I get it? I assume it's freely available online somewhere in the spirit of the demoscene.

  2. Gazs says:

    The documentary is available online at (Moleman 1 was about skaters I think, I don't know why that's the title)

  3. Yeah, I gave up on it part way through due to the droning talking heads. Show me demos!

  4. Timmay says:

    Just as an FYI, something changed in your RSS feed and all the images show up as your fabulous Hot Link - It's what's for breakfast image.

    Unless this was part of your evil plan to get more people to click-through to your blog, in which case, well done.

    • jwz says:

      No, nothing has changed at all, in 2+ years.

      You loaded that image with this referer: "".

      That means, Google Reader is claiming that you were reading the feed of, and that site hotlinked my image. Thus the "no hotlinking" redirect.

      However, it does not appear to be the case that that site hotlinked my image, or even linked to my blog in any way.

      I have no idea why Google Reader is telling these lies. Or why it only tells these lies sometimes and not always.

      If you can figure out a way to reproducibly make this happen, I'd be interested to know. But here's what's going to happen instead: you're going to say, "It does it all the time! And then later you're going to say, huh, that's funny, now it's working fine", and nobody else is going to report this problem for another three months.

      Just like last time.

      • Timmay says:

        Huh. Freaking Google.

        I had been reading Marian Call's blog in Reader, then I clicked on your blog. I guess Reader got confused.

        Marian had not linked to your pictures, or your blog.

        And I would never say "It does it all the time!" because it had never done it (to me) before. And now with a fresh load of Reader it's not doing it now.

        So nevermind then I guess.

        • Igpay, Ogay Outhsay says:

          My psychic powers suggest that this involves Google Reader altering the effective URL with history.pushState() or similar in order to reflect the feed-switching operation without doing a full reload, generating DOM elements from the second (JWZ) feed in order to actually handle the switching operation at the “same time”, and some kind of non-sequential execution between the browser firing the image HTTP requests from the latter and the state change of the former. Signs point to yes on the non-sequential bit making the referer behavior nondeterministic, and possibly the pushState being fired after a Google-server request that usually finishes much faster than the larger feed-data one, but the image is increasingly fuzzy.

  5. dinatural says:

    Lots of demos from the 'scene on YT and on the famous

    If I remember correctly that documentary had some interviews in "foreign" languages that didn't have any subtitles which I found irritating, but pretty good nonetheless

  6. Matt says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog, but this is a special day. I'm really going to enjoy watching this. Thanks!