It's that time.

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  1. Kagan MacTane says:

    Looks like a Manhattan?

    Curiously, I was drinking one of those myself, at roughly the same time. At Bloodhound, though, not on the Embarcadero. (Quick guess based on the angle of view of the Norton Bridge: Waterbar?)

    • jwz says:

      Yes, Waterbar. Hooray for outside heaters, as it was not as warm out as that photo might suggest. It was in the general neighborhood of a Manhattan: a "Thorn in My Side" (Bourbon, Benedictine, Pimm's, Orange zest). Tasty!

      • Smee says:

        Thorn in My Side

        2 oz. Four Roses bourbon
        ¾ oz. Benedictine
        ½ oz. Pimm’s Cup
        Dash of Angostura bitters

  2. Buz Deadwax says:

    We haunt there as well and love it. Especially brunch. Unfortunately we finally tried but had a very disappointing dinner next door ay Epic. Good meaties, but average sides and really cruddy service. Got actual "back talk" from our waiter when trying to order a leisurely meal, then got the up-sell pitch like we were at a Shoney's.

    Sad carnivore was sad.

  3. Chris says:

    Is that what colour the bridge is? My cherished notions!!

  4. Ronald Pottol says:

    I used to work at 201 Spear, on the 6th floor (with the big balcony), that view brings back memories, I do miss that balcony! The job, not so much, though it wasn't bad.