It could only improve matters.


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  1. Lun Esex says:

    Maybe he'll finally reveal to them the secret of gunpowder.

    (I'm told the presence of dragons in that universe precluded the development of other advances in warfare, since the dragons existence as "ultimate weapons" resulted in little effort to advance in other ways. It's been how many centuries since the last dragons died out?

    Not that I believe that people who didn't have dragons wouldn't still try to come up with other advances to balance the scales of power more.)

    • captain18 says:

      scales of power

      I see what you did there.

    • Rick C says:

      "It's been how many centuries since the last dragons died out?"

      Less than two. I'm not sure if inertia applies. These people have, apparently, an 8 thousand year history of next to no real advancement. (Anecdotally, the night watch didn't start their history until about a third of the way through that period. A couple of times it's called out that newer castles used tower designs that are more resistant to siege weapons, although that wouldn't help against dragons, so it probably just points out to the fact that this whole thing wasn't thought out from the beginning, unlike the guy who spent six months planning out a maximally-sized SimCity city.)