Facebook yoga instructor fired for telling Facebook employee not to check Facebook while doing yoga.

Not The Onion:

In its termination notice, the company suggested the Facebook incident was part of a pattern of strict behavior on Van Ness' part; she had previously asked a Cisco employee not to take photographs of the class while it was in session.

Her blog.


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  1. Louis says:

    Aaand, the article ends with the command to "Like elephant yoga on Facebook!" (learned in High School English that ads contain command action words to subconsciously force people to do things...)

  2. Otto says:

    She was told not to be so strict, she couldn't do it, and she deserved to be fired. No story here.

    • CTD says:

      I think there is - namely, that having a short attention span is a protected part of the Facebook culture.

      • Otto says:

        Having a short attention span is part of the tech culture in general, and I'm not totally certain that that is a bad thing.

        • jwz says:

          If you can't stay off your phone for 30 minutes, perhaps yoga isn't for you. Perhaps you're missing the point of yoga entirely. Hackey sack might be a better fit for your lifestyle.

          • Otto says:

            Yes, I don't understand yoga, I'll grant you that. I'll stick to liquor and smokes for my life-fulfilling needs. :)

            • Richard says:

              I don't understand yoga

              Capri pants.
              Whimsical yoga mat holders.
              Whimsical water bottle holders.
              Avoidance of "exercise".

              Now you understand yoga.

            • Wait until you hit 40. I used to joke the same way.

              /me goes off to mumble with the pigeons and wait for someone to whack with my cane.

        • CTD says:

          For most definitions of tech culture (science, engineering, math, programming), no, you are wrong. But for the PHP and JavaScript writers at FB, indeed for all modern linotypists you are possibly right.

    • only a self-entitled bratty sociopath would consider the following "strict":
      "don't take photos of people bent in to compromising positions"
      "don't play with your phone when other people are trying to relax/concentrate hard"

  3. "I'm sorry sir, could you please turn off your phone during the movie?"
    -"fuck you, I work for facebook!"

  4. Tom Lord says:

    So, a Facebook employee displays a lack of empathy, an anti-social sense of entitlement, and absolute tone-deafness as to how they look to a larger world. Facebook management structure rewards this behavior and punishes a supplier firm and that firm's employee. But where's the news?

    Also: Why are there yoga classes on FB campus? I get it that the feral but badly damaged kids these days are attracted to that kind of spectacle but, really....

  5. Rick C says:

    The article was poorly written. Was she fired[2] from Cisco because she was fired from Facebook, or was she fired from Cisco because she made unreasonable[1] demands there, too?

    [1] In the views of Cisco and FB management, obviously, not necesarily in her view or people here.
    [2] or rather, presumably, Cisco and FB cancelled her contract, since she appears to actually work for POHM.

  6. Philip Ngai says:

    She was fired from Plus One Health Management who contract to provide yoga classes to FB and Cisco.
    Her behavior during classes she taught at FB and Cisco were part of the reason she was fired.
    At least one student complained directly to Plus One Health Management, we do not know if FB or Cisco management were involved.

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