Pigs: Getting All Up In Their Business

Why don't we drink other animals' milk?

"The problem is that it's nearly impossible to milk pigs. When sows are lactating, they get very aggressive. They're not docile like cows. They're smart, skittish, suspicious, and paranoid. They do not like you to get up in their business."

Lee managed to accumulate a few jars' worth of pigs' milk, from which he made half a cup of pig ricotta that he says was delicious. Getting even such a small amount of milk required jackal-like derring-do: Lee crept up on the sows while they were sleeping, frantically pinched at their tiny nipples, then ran away when they woke up and started to freak out.


This explains everything.

Christopher Conte:

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Dear Lazyweb, anyone got some sample code for talking to iTunes 10 through DAAP?

I tried to use Net::DAAP::Client but it Does Not Go.

(It seems that the search results for this question are poisoned with a billion answers that stopped working around iTunes 4.)

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DNA Lounge: Wherein the site gets a redesign.

I have inflicted a pretty major redesign upon the DNA Lounge web site. What do you think? Let me know how it works for you.

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