XScreenSaver iOS guinea pig sought

Do you have a Retina-display iPad, an Apple developer account, and the knowledge of how to compile something in Xcode and cause it to run on that iPad? If so, send me mail, I've got some patches I'd like you to try out. (I still have an iPad 1, so I need a testing victim.) Thanks!
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A World Without Coral Reefs

Great news for jellyfish!

It's past time to tell the truth about the state of the world's coral reefs, the nurseries of tropical coastal fish stocks. They have become zombie ecosystems, neither dead nor truly alive in any functional sense, and on a trajectory to collapse within a human generation. There will be remnants here and there, but the global coral reef ecosystem -- with its storehouse of biodiversity and fisheries supporting millions of the world's poor -- will cease to be. [...]

But by persisting in the false belief that coral reefs have a future, we grossly misallocate the funds needed to cope with the fallout from their collapse. Money isn't spent to study what to do after the reefs are gone -- on what sort of ecosystems will replace coral reefs and what opportunities there will be to nudge these into providing people with food and other useful ecosystem products and services. Nor is money spent to preserve some of the genetic resources of coral reefs by transferring them into systems that are not coral reefs. And money isn't spent to make the economic structural adjustment that communities and industries that depend on coral reefs urgently need. We have focused too much on the state of the reefs rather than the rate of the processes killing them. [...]

What we will be left with is an algal-dominated hard ocean bottom, as the remains of the limestone reefs slowly break up, with lots of microbial life soaking up the sun's energy by photosynthesis, few fish but lots of jellyfish grazing on the microbes. It will be slimy and look a lot like the ecosystems of the Precambrian era, which ended more than 500 million years ago and well before fish evolved.

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Herp Derp YouTube Comments

Tanner Stokes:

"I loathe YouTube comments. Here's a simple browser extension to convert them to `herp derp'. If you insist on reading the original (which is highly discouraged), click the comment."

For Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox.

Update: I too have herped all the derps.

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Barbora Maštrlová

"I Feel It"

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Facebook yoga instructor fired for telling Facebook employee not to check Facebook while doing yoga.

Not The Onion:

In its termination notice, the company suggested the Facebook incident was part of a pattern of strict behavior on Van Ness' part; she had previously asked a Cisco employee not to take photographs of the class while it was in session.

Her blog.


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It could only improve matters.


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