Russian Baby's Also Got a Temper.

This is pretty special:

I mean, it's no:

Or even:

But still. A noble effort, Comrades.

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8 Responses:

  1. tjic says:

    How you going to keep them down on the bukake set after they've seen the farm?

  2. Alexander says:

    Gorbatchev is a miserable peace of shit by Russian public opinion today. And Yeltsin and Putin and such moron as Medvedev too. TV - this is the only place where they can hear something nice for themselves. But this is just propaganda, which believes only the most stupid idiots, who are called EDINOROSSY))) The Communists are on the rise.

  3. dinatural says:

    such a shame that Prodigy hasn't produced anything in 200 internet decades

  4. curgoth says:

    Bozhe moi.

  5. MattF says:

    I think you can make a good case that this is all someone's fault.

  6. pavel_lishin says:

    The best part of this is imagining my onion-loathing friends gagging at the site of this video.

  7. Volcheg says:

    In the first one black dress in the second part breaks the visual sequence, so disappointing.

    Third one is my all-time favorite, originally was posted on Vimeo by guy who edited it. Also, have you seen Six-String Samurai?

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