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  1. Skreidle says:


    • skreidle says:

      So absolute, in fact, that I'll correct orientation in other people's houses. (I'd do it in public restrooms as well, but they're usually locked.)

  2. In general I can and will work with either fine. In the presence of cats, however, the lower choice will result in piles of tp all over your bathroom while the top choice won't. As such, I have a mild preference for the "incorrect" form.

    • tjic says:

      > In the presence of cats, however

      You apparently have two problems.

    • I've seen cats go for the "incorrect" form, and ours never seem to go for the "correct" one. They do, on the other hand, rip unattended rolls of paper towels to shreds.

      Your toilet paper mileage may vary.

    • Leolo says:

      Never had a cat do that. But I have had very young children (well, child) do it.

  3. Ben says:

    I must beg for a zoning variance and go with top one, even though the bottom is clearly correct for general usage: my tiny bathroom has a towel hook above the dispenser - with the "correct" way, every time the towel slips off I end up with 45 feet of TP piled on the floor (mutters about SO's inability to securely hang a towel on a hook)

  4. Peter says:

    That's objectively wrong. Under is better - you can unroll and rip with one hand, and what's more over is aesthetically displeasing.

  5. gmontag says:

    Cats; whatever. Ringo Deathstarr FU YEAH!!!

  6. Early in college, I made an informative animation on the subject. The assignment was 'do something in flash' and I couldn't get my roommate at the time to change the roll in the first place.

    Bet you didn't think you were going to get a link to Newgrounds today, did you?

  7. ethelred the unready says:

    I did an experiment not terribly long ago in the work can, shared by six people who didn't seem to have preference enough to upset the experiment. Rolls installed as under lasted almost 50% longer than over rolls. Many possible conclusions but better estimation of need and/or general unhappiness with the bathroom and thus shitting at home both came to mind.

  8. Leolo says:

    Wipe off the rim of the toilet. Jet of urine hitting water == splatter.