What a fantastic show! I'm so glad I got to see them again in such a small venue. The new album, Synthetica, came out last week, and it's very good.

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  1. Chris Brent says:

    Any chance of an rss feed with "Shows JWZ knows about". I always find out about them after they've gone.

    • jwz says:

      So, I used to do this (for years!) specifically for the purpose of getting my actual real-world friends to come to more shows with me. It was a complete failure at meeting that goal, because it turns out that most of my friends don't choose to go to live shows even if they are well informed of them.

      Unfortunately, this exercise taught me that maintaining that public list of shows -- whether in a feed, or a series of blog posts, or a bunch of Facebook invites -- took a lot of time and effort on my part. More than I expected it to.

      So, while it would be nice of me to do all that work to let people know about upcoming shows, where those people are specifically not my friends but people I have never met, it's more work than I feel like putting in. Also it was very frustrating, and left me asking myself, "What the fuck is wrong with my friends?" all the time.

      • Chris Brent says:

        I'm sure they're wonderful people, but in this case your friends suck and are making me do my own homework.

      • Ian says:

        My request is for a bit more about what any given band you've seen actually sound like.

        I know it can be hard (what is the difference between 'banging tribal trance' and 'Electro flavoured break beats' - two descriptions from the same review of one album) but it was your "These guys bring teh funk. Like Fluke meets Wolfang Press. I also suspect they are Shriekback fans" about Fujiya Miyagi that got me noticing them (thank you, if I haven't already said that!)

        For this lot, I can see they have a female lead vocalist, a drummer, someone on keyboards, and someone on acoustic guitar. But that can cover an awful lot of musical genres.

        • jwz says:

          I am glad my review of F&M helped, but it's not always easy to be so pithy!

          But, I dunno, "Metric" is about as generic a name for a band as I can imagine, but when I type that into the Youtubes it's an entire page full of DWIM.

          Is double-click, right-click, "Search With Google", "Videos", really such a hardship?

          • Ian says:

            Blush, you are right.

            I tend to think of video in a browser as an abomination. It would help if I didn't run with the buggy pile of poo that is Flash disabled in a way that makes websites think I have it for the 1% of times I actually do want to run some Flash on a site.