Ghosts With Shit Jobs

I just watched Jim Munroe's movie, Ghosts With Shit Jobs, and it is amazing! You should watch it immediately.

I donated to the Kickstarter so I got the 720p download, which was a pretty cool way to do it. "Hey, the movie's finished. Here's your copy." It's nice living in the future -- at least until the Chinese repossess The Cloud.

I think the "human spammer" was my favorite segment.

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  1. Patrick Yeon says:

    Have you watched The Corporation? Half-decent movie, but there's an interview or two with people who's actual job is human spammer, at least as far as I can tell from this trailer.

  2. Is there a way to pay to download? I see the purchase [physical media] option.

  3. Angel Ortega says:

    I initially thought it was a documentary on working for Steve Jobs.

  4. C. says:

    I wrote asking about download options for those of us who hadn't heard of this until after the Kickstarter closed. His response:

    > It's coming out on iTunes in Nov-Dec as a digital download and rental. We
    > made a deal with our partners that we'd only make the download available
    > via the Kickstarter campaign -- sorry you missed it! The other formats are
    > totally DRM/region free and rippable though, and all the money goes
    > directly to us.

    Of course, for those of us who don't use Mac or Windows, Itunes isn't an option. I didn't really want to buy Yet Another USB Flash Drive That I Don't Need ... but I guess that's the only option.


    • Hey, if that's what they deal they've got to cut to get thing pressed and shipped, it seems like a small price to pay, if a bit near-sighted on their production company's part.

      Personally, I went with the DVD: ripping it's not really that big a deal, and then I can take the DVD along to, say, the parents' house and have it Just Work on their regular old TV.

  5. Er, "if that's the deal they've got to cut".

  6. says:

    I bought it from their website on a USB bracelet (!) in 1080p x264(!), and it is really amazing. Probably the best movie I've seen this year.