First light!

So, this just happened:


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22 Responses:

  1. Mark Kriegsman says:

    I see what you did there.
    And that's awesome.

  2. phuzz says:

    Why a cow? I'd have thought a floating pig would be more appropriate for music.

  3. Lloyd says:

    Like DaliClock, never to be available on the App Store!

  4. Houston, we have GL spinny-cow. Moooooo. The anticipation of a iPhone utah teapot abounds!

  5. pavel_lishin says:

    I want my phone to pretend it's an Apple][ for maximum nerd hilarity.

  6. nooj says:

    will it work on 3GS please please please!

  7. oigevald says:

    Will there be an Android version?

    • jwz says:

      Not a chance in hell. It's all written in ANSI C, not Java.

      • Ewen McNeill says:

        A sufficiently determined contributor could always try translating from C to JVM bytecode (and presumably translating graphics calls, etc; performance is set to be... suboptimal). (There are a few other products in the C-to-Java space, eg, C2J and Cibyl, but neither seem current.) At a guess it shouldn't be any worse than cross compiling C to JavaScript.

        (Of course I wouldn't suggest that you try this. Your existing GL glue magic is surely sanity sapping enough.)


        • Adolf Osborne says:

          I think I'd rather buy an iDevice (and simply snicker and laugh at xscreensaver running on a handheld) than wait for such a thing to appear on my Android phone.

      • Phil says:

        You can compile C just fine on Android if you're into that kind of thing[1].

        Are you going to release sources Jamie? I'm poking at a BBC Micro emulator trying to get it to run on the Raspberry Pi board & it wants OpenGL but the board only offers OpenGL ES 2.0.

        [1] Possibly for masochistic values of "into".

        • jwz says:

          Perhaps someone else will be "in to that sort of thing." Source will be out once I get a few more things working.

          Are you sure it only supports OpenGLES 2? My understanding was that everything that supported GLES 2 also supported GLES 1, because GLES 2 is a monumental pain in the ass.

          My code requires GLES 1, currently.

          • Phil says:

            I have a and a (binary only). Do you know what OpenGL extension should I be looking for if the library supports OpenGLESv1?

            • Phil says:

              It's a Broadcom 2835, so the hardware is supposed to support OpenGLES v1 & v2.

            • jwz says:

              If the function glLightf exists, it supports GLES 1. GLES 2 removed the standard lighting model, among other things.

              If the function glBegin exists, it supports non-ES OpenGL.

              • Phil says:

                pi@raspberrypi:/opt/vc/lib$ strings | grep glBegin
                pi@raspberrypi:/opt/vc/lib$ strings | grep glLightf

                Signs point to yes for GLES 1!

  8. Lloyd says:

    Will the OpenGL shim API be available separately for other app writers as a revenue-generating cash cow that can cover the costs of putting DaliClck and iXModules in the app store?

  9. Steen says:

    A bouncing cow is perhaps the most compelling argument to own an iPad thus far.