Another awesome use for Yelp


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  1. Sean Graham says:

    While I'm not certain of the original source, I saw this recently:

  2. aname says:

    The thing about yelp reviews is if you weed out all the women and the obvious morons, you can still get a decent idea of a place. They just need a filter.

    • Rae says:

      Woooooow. You're a dick, but the amazing thing is you're not even trying to hide it.

      • Jonn says:

        Dicks are rarely aware that they're dicks.

      • Jonn says:

        I mean, sometimes they're aware that they say and do things that other people don't like, but they generally assume it's the problem of the other party, even if they modify their behaviour for it.

    • phuzz says:

      Of course, why would I want a woman's opinion? They're barely human anyway.

    • Dan L says:

      Obvious troll is blah blah...

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