XScreenSaver 5.17

XScreenSaver 5.17 is out now. I fixed some compilation problems, and have made a bunch of tweaks to the iOS port.

I've just submitted this version to the app store, so cross your fingers.

Even though I'm still pissed that Apple makes me pay a hundred bucks for the privilege of running software that I wrote on hardware that I own, I've uploaded it as a free app, because even if you have the knee-jerk reaction of "Hey, I want my hundred bucks back", you're still shopping at the Company Store.

Let's say you charge $0.99 for the download to try and recoup that insignificant-yet-enraging $99. Since Apple takes a 30% cut, you break even after 143 downloads. In that case, you've got your $99 back and are out $0, but Apple is already ahead by $99 from you, plus $42 from your users for a total of $141.

The break-even point (where you have actually made more money on the deal than Apple did) is 500 downloads. At that point, both you and Apple are ahead by $247.50, and from there on you are in the lead.

So is it worth $99 to me for Apple to not make an additional $42 off of me and my users?

Yes. Yes it is.

And you're welcome.


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