O hai Danfuzz!

Dan Bornstein getting served with a subpoena.

Oracle's copyright win may not amount to much as patent phase unfolds


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5 Responses:

  1. Ian McKellar says:

    I normally enjoy when my friends' names are in the news. I haven't been enjoying this Android trial much.

  2. LafinJack says:

    Thanks, Ars, for summing up what the case is about at the beginning of the article for people who previously hadn't heard of it. Also, thanks for clarifying which guy in your photo is Bornstein for people who previously hadn't known who he was.

  3. Now I have subpoenas envy.

  4. Much of the testimony today was feuding over tedious details about wording, such as whether particular elements of programming involved "symbolic references" or "numeric references."

    Ah, the age old argument between the semantic and the syntactic faculties.