Magazines from the future

I think I used to subscribe to a couple of these.

Future Noir:

Turning down the block and ducking into a futuristic newsstand revealed the most humorous touches of layering, for it was here that this author immediately noticed that a number of faux twenty-first-century magazines had been stuffed into racks mounted on the newsstand's walls, and that many of them sported decidedly tongue-in-cheek covers.

These publications had been designed by BR art department member Tom Southwell. Periodicals of note include Krotch (going for $29 a copy!), Zord (at $30), Moni, Bash, Creative Evolution, and Droid. Horn, the "skin mag" of the future, had a cover which offered articles such as "The Cosmic Orgasm" and "Hot Lust in Space." Kill (whose logo was "All the News That's Fit to Kill") sported cover stories like "Multiple Murders - Reader's Own Photos."

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5 Responses:

  1. thx1138 says:

    Speaking of future noir, this may be relevant to your interests:

    Philip K. Dick Festival Sept 22-23

  2. Nick Thompson says:

    When they were filming Milk they recreated the old Aquarius Records location on Castro with a bunch of fake rock posters in the window, including one for a band called "Tubgirl".

  3. Ian Young says:

    Remember when we had a real future, and not just burning-man cosplayers? Man that was nice.

  4. relaxing says:

    Just realized "Moni" is barely a parody of Omni magazine. (Barely because I'm not entirely sure it isn't an actual cover with two letters switched.)

  5. It's awesome to see how even great future predictions can be horribly wrong in basic ways. Print magazines? Hah!