jwz mixtape 116

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 116.

This one has a bunch of zombies in it for some reason. These things happen.

Also, here's a new first: three of the videos that I wanted to include are not available on Youtube, only on Vimeo! I just left them out, because I didn't want to go through the hassle of uploading them. This has been happening more often lately, but not so many in a row before. I wonder if this will be a trend...

I normally find videos through Vimeo instead of Youtube, since that's where most of the music video bloggers reside, but it's unusual that the videos don't exist on Youtube as well. Vimeo just rolled out a new UI with a larger player that finally allows random access in the videos, so the site sucks significantly less now, but their CDN is fucked and you get 404 errors 80% of the time you try to download something, so my feeds are full of errors instead of videos.

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5 Responses:

  1. aname says:

    $ umph PL62277A03DB76C5C5 | xargs cclive -f best

    keeps getting loads of 202s from youtube, on the subject of cdn reliability.

    Please, please, please go back to doing some sort of audio only mixtape. Expose me to more offbeat 80s, 90s, 00s, stuff. I don't care about art school videos with pretty chicks in them. How's a kid supposed to learn about Shriekback these days if you only post to faggy arty vids on youtube? It's your duty.

  2. relaxing says:

    The "Punks Jump Up" video was a weird mix of old-fashioned cheap 3-frame character animation and icky digital gloss.

    Also perversions, mutants.

  3. YHVH says:

    I have one for you this time round, Blood Orange: Champagne Coast

  4. nooj says:

    This may be relevant to your interests: kpbs.org/zombies

    Right now, we're asking you to step up and support the station you turn to for news of the undead.
    That's right! Reporting during the zombie invasion was not only dangerous, it was very expensive.

    example pledge options:
    $90.00 Lumber and Nails for Boarding Up One Station Window
    $25,000.00 One Mounted Minigun for the KPBS News Van

    Zombie attack reported on KPBS San Diego during a pledge drive.

    I wanted to come down here and report what these zombies think is the most important quality in a mayor.

    I would change the KPBS slogan of "Where news matters" to "Aim for the head." It will remind people how to take care of zombies, and it also reflects our style of reporting.

    See also part 1.