How to make the world's most impractical shot glass

Never before now have I wanted a lathe.



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  1. MZ MegaZone says:

    You just need a CNC machine behind the bar and you could produce these on demand for a specialty shot.

  2. woods says:

    That is absolutely insane and I want to make one.

  3. The interior spheres are apparently much less round or less centered than the external one. Not surprising for mass-produced candy, in retrospect.

    • Adolf Osborne says:

      The whole thing was mounted slightly off-center on the chuck -- you can see it wobbling slightly until the outside gets turned down a bit. For all we know all from TFV, the spheres started out being perfectly spherical.

  4. Landa says:

    Lathe's are awesome :)

  5. He wasted a lot of perfectly good candy there. :-(

    I wonder if CandyFab would be more practical? (if not quite as pretty in the end result)

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