Tonight at the club I had no less than three people ask me, "What's with the furries?" These conversations went approximately like: "Why are you asking me?" "You're from the Internet." "Ok, which part confuses you?" "How many parts are there?" And then I referred them to the CSI episode.* It's fairly definitive.

"Uh oh. Semen."

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  1. James C. says:

    How does being from the Internet mean that you know anything about some bizarre subculture? It’s not as if you hang out on furry sites or post constantly to /b/ or something. It would make more sense for people to ask you about Google or something.

  2. ryanlrussell says:

    Were there furries there at the club?

    • I like the idea of there being no furries present, with these three people having gone to the club on a fact-finding mission after having been sitting around at home wondering, "what's up with the furries?"

      "I know how to get to the bottom of this! Let's go ask jwz!"

    • jwz says:

      Yes, and with some regularity.

  3. Jonn says:

    Speaking as the guy who wrote this, I don't think that episode is particularly accurate.

    The real furry fandom can be much, much worse.

  4. Sheilagh says:

    DNA related. Saw this, thought of jwz-blog: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/05/14/1090159/-Fly-in-the-Urinal

    ....in that.... you would be The Guy Who Might Know if anyone has crafted a urine-proof video game urinal -- a urinal with a MOVING fly/target, but only moving close to the drain, so that it really is a matter of focus and aim to hit the target. Let them earn points! Seems like that would reduce at least some of the maintenance hassles that I swear I've read y'all have to deal with at the Lounge.

    • hattifattener says:

      I've wondered about that when I've seen the fly story make the rounds. Displaying the fly wouldn't be too hard technically, assuming a glass or clear plastic urinal would last (I assume you'd have to be more careful cleaning the thing than with porcelain or steel). But how would you detect the, er, cursor position? Capacitively? Surface acoustic waves? FTIR?

      • Lun Esex says:

        You wouldn't need to actually detect the point where the stream is landing. You just keep the fly moving randomly and the "player" gains points as long as their stream is hitting anywhere on the "playing field," regardless of whether they're hitting the fly or not.

        The goal is to merely get them to get it in the bowl, so they should be "rewarded" just for that. It'll be drunk people who are "playing," so they probably won't notice too well that their score isn't really all that dependent on actually hitting the fly.

        The highest scores will always go to the people with the largest bladders, anyway.