Dum Dum Girls

(I'd say they're 3/5th Split-era Lush, 1/5th Belly, and 1/5th that inexplicable country twang you get from Raveonettes and White Stripes.)

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5 Responses:

  1. Wangusol says:

    That photo on the right makes her look terrifyingly deformed, until you realize there is a mike in front of her face.

  2. Injector says:

    Wonder if they took their name from a Talk Talk lyric.

  3. antabakayt says:

    While I enjoy some of their songs, I do find the drumtrack which seems to be copied from song to song tiresome after a while.

  4. Puppyite says:

    Why did you use that weird filter/effect? I'm not sure what the photos are really supposed to look like.