Dark Materials

It is 1992 and I am at House of Usher. But I don't remember the 3rd floor of DV8 being so spacious.

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So I finally went to see Avengers. It was pretty good. Cabin in the Woods was better. I think those two are the only movies I've seen in a theatre in at least a year, maybe two.

But, holy hell, there were twenty-five minutes of trailers before the movie started, beginning at the posted show time. Not even counting the (presumed) half hour of non-movie commercials before show time, which I missed.

Is 25 minutes the new normal? I remember being aghast when 15 became the new normal from 10, which seems like it wasn't that long ago.

With that many commercials -- about 1/5th of the running time of the movie itself -- why am I expected to pay admission too? I understood that my eyeballs were the product in this sale.

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Monkey Butt(er)

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