When Worlds Collide

Apparently the conference rooms in the Mozilla SF office are all named after bars and nightclubs, and so this happened:

Update: The Google SF office, half a block away from Mozilla, has one too:

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17 Responses:

  1. We should get your guy that made the DNA sign to make a smaller one and have it mounted there.

    • sam says:

      That looks like a vinyl sign so they cant have a laser cut one for at least 6 more years.

  2. 205guy says:

    Ha, except at my office, the Hotel Utah is the real thing for Friday afternoon "meetings."
    Also, a bit of shiny kettle effect going on there--enhance.

  3. Do they name the restrooms after famous international djs?

  4. sam says:

    Seems like a small room... I wonder if they are waiting for permits to knock out a cubicle...

  5. g-na says:

    I have a feeling we know who was responsible for that.

  6. J. Peterson says:

    I used to work in a building where the conference rooms were named "In 15 minutes", "Your office" and "Tomorrow". Verbally scheduling meetings with visitors was always entertaining.

  7. Now I'm actually curious as to who picked the naming scheme, and whether they knew you or not. I think pavlov picked the naming scheme for the Mountain View conference rooms (internet memes), and he's in the SF office now, so it's totally possible that he had a hand in it.

  8. plumpy says:

    There's a "DNA Lounge" conference room on the 6th floor of Google's SF office, too. That floor is a bizarre amalgamation of restaurant and bar names.

  9. Jonn says:

    Kinda tiny, ain't it?