When Worlds Collide

Apparently the conference rooms in the Mozilla SF office are all named after bars and nightclubs, and so this happened:

Update: The Google SF office, half a block away from Mozilla, has one too:

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17 Responses:

  1. Ted Mielczarek says:

    We should get your guy that made the DNA sign to make a smaller one and have it mounted there.

    • sam says:

      That looks like a vinyl sign so they cant have a laser cut one for at least 6 more years.

  2. 205guy says:

    Ha, except at my office, the Hotel Utah is the real thing for Friday afternoon "meetings."
    Also, a bit of shiny kettle effect going on there--enhance.

  3. Devon Dossett says:

    Do they name the restrooms after famous international djs?

  4. sam says:

    Seems like a small room... I wonder if they are waiting for permits to knock out a cubicle...

  5. g-na says:

    I have a feeling we know who was responsible for that.

  6. J. Peterson says:

    I used to work in a building where the conference rooms were named "In 15 minutes", "Your office" and "Tomorrow". Verbally scheduling meetings with visitors was always entertaining.

  7. Ted Mielczarek says:

    Now I'm actually curious as to who picked the naming scheme, and whether they knew you or not. I think pavlov picked the naming scheme for the Mountain View conference rooms (internet memes), and he's in the SF office now, so it's totally possible that he had a hand in it.

  8. plumpy says:

    There's a "DNA Lounge" conference room on the 6th floor of Google's SF office, too. That floor is a bizarre amalgamation of restaurant and bar names.

  9. Jonn says:

    Kinda tiny, ain't it?