Star Wars Kinect Filk

Holy shit. Lyrics. Just... wow.


Also, this is a thing which exists:

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11 Responses:

  1. Wow, they did a much shittier version of the same song mc chris did:

    The difference being that it sounds like mc chris has actually watched the films, whereas whoever wrote that other one was handed a list of bullet points containing terms that they had to use, like "carbonite".

  2. Upon further review, I would like everyone who was involved in making this game to die painfully.

  3. DC Dan says:

    Thank you Xbox 360 + Kinect for shitting on my childhood memories.

  4. sam says:

    Pose bonus--- smdh

  5. The only good thing about any of that is watching the fat white dude try and dance in the bottom right hand corner of the second video.

  6. LafinJack says:

    It's good to know Lucas is preserving the integrity of the license.

    • Edouard says:

      Somehow that is still much better than the kinect version. I mean Amidala and Leia doing the mother and daughter lines from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? That certainly passes the bar for Star Wars canon these days...

  7. Colin says:

    I can't even get mad at Star Wars being ruined anymore.

  8. Can't help but notice the word "bitch" and particularly its use in hip-hop is a recurring theme lately.

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