Rear Window loop

A visual installation by Jeff Desom

I dissected all of Hitchcock's Rear Window and stiched it back together in After Effects. I stabilized all the shots with camera movement in them. Since everything was filmed from pretty much the same angle I was able to match them into a single panoramic view of the entire backyard without any greater distortions. The order of events stays true to the movie's plot.

20 minutes, 10x2 meters.

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4 Responses:

  1. Thomas Lord says:

    1) That's quite amazing.

    2) Hey, what bar is that?

  2. Lasse Rintakumpu says:

    Breathtaking, and a great piece to get insights into Hitchcock's meticulous film-making. This installation is made possible not only by the artist but also by Hitchcock's own genius. Thanks for sharing!

  3. JaJose says:

    I love Rear Window, a fantastic masterpiece, and by far that was one of the coolest things I have ever seen done with the footage. I am a novice at using AF but this was some classic work... totally two thumbs way way up...

  4. Seth Anderson Kingsley says:

    Man, this is way cooler than what they have going on at Vertigo, which is just the whole movie Vertigo playing, presumably on repeat.