Projection-Mapped Living Room


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  1. Alex says:

    I was hoping the floor would become hot lava.

  2. Eric says:

    That is inspiring.

    Although I imagine that once you do this, any plans to rearrange the furniture comes with huge implications.

    • jwz says:

      You can't even move the pillow! I assume there's a really good reason nobody ever walks into the room in this video.

      Though I guess in theory, a kinect per projector would let you do this in realtime. You'd be able to track motion of the pillow and table and probably mask out unknown objects. Presumably he hasn't done this, though, or he'd have showed it.

      • pavel_lishin says:

        Some sort of RFID system with multiple detectors (and multiple tags for the furniture, to get orientation) would work, too. It would be a bigger investment than a kinect, but presumably would be much more reliable.

        • Ben says:

          Not really. I've not seen an application of RFID that gave 3D data anything like a machine vision system.

  3. Ronan Waide says:

    Clearly there should be a Cronenberg option where everything is clothed in flesh.

    New flesh, of course. Not that passé old stuff.

  4. DFB says:

    Why are there two sets of shadows for the lamp and end table but only one set for the coffee table, which don't extend to its side?

  5. Thomas Lord says:

    If you are going to go to all that trouble, why wouldn't you animate some of the projected textures? (E.g., like the hallucinated carpet in the film version of "fear and loathing")

  6. Austinite says:

    Did you catch the samsung ad with the projection-mapped person?
    Braced head and all.

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