MaP Testing Protocol

Paste extrusion into 350 gram segments.

"Toilet model maximum performance (MaP) level is identified as the maximum media loading (in discrete increments expressed in grams) at which toilet model successfully clears all media from fixture in at least four of five attempts. [...] Test specimens may contain small volumes of air, however, specimens that float shall not be used."



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  1. Aaaaaand that's a wrap. Now I've seen everything. Thanks everyone, it's been great!

  2. mrbill says:

    One has to wonder how the brown colour affects the testing. Why not make it blue or something?

  3. Simon C. says:



  4. So if it's just soybean paste, I wonder how many people who work there enjoy grossing out their coworkers by chowing down on a log.

    Also "testing protocol" just makes me think of Portal. Man, that would have given the game a really weird angle.

  5. ROlson says:

    Finally an appropriate context to point to this video. Two words: Pneumatics and Fakepoo.

    I've been waiting for days to share this one.

  6. 205guy says:

    Am I the only one thinking: my ahem, dog, makes bigger shits than that? Also, what's with them bending just from dropping in the water? We need some scientific rigor here. Oh I see this now:

    "Unless otherwise specified all MaP testing will be completed using cased media,
    however, the client may choose, at their discretion, to have fixture samples tested
    with uncased test media."

    Written by a consulting company.

  7. Paulo says:

    "(in discrete increments expressed in grams)"

    i can't help but read that as 'discrete excrements'.

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