I have fallen down a "Gold Guns Girls" hole.

I seem to have been listening to this song on repeat for an hour now. I recommend that you do as well.

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  1. Nick Lamb says:

    Seems to have temporarily exorcised Call Me Maybe, but after two listens I think I'm done for now.

  2. Waider says:

    The album from which it derives is also generally good listening.

  3. MattyJ says:

    This has been on my 'Stupid songs I like' rotation for nearly a year now. Aaaaaaand now it's playing in my earbuds again.

    This is by far the least embarrassing song on the list.

  4. UncleBill says:

    Blondie LIVES!!

  5. Ben Brockert says:

    Sadly Clear Channel fell down the same hole, so it's the only Metric song they ever play.

    • jwz says:

      I'm sorry, you must be mistaken, because it sounds like you're talking about listening to songs on the radio, and nobody has done that since before Metric formed as a band.

      • Xeno says:

        I did actually try listening to this "radio" thing recently, and discovered an interesting fact. They actually pay bozos called "DJs" to interrupt the music with inane prattle. True story.

        • pavel_lishin says:

          I was born in Russia, but moved away when I was ten. Recently, someone recommended listening to Russian radio via streaming.

          Turns out, it's just as miserable as American radio, but thanks to a new-found burst of nationalism, the very first song I heard was some poppy take on the Russian anthem. It was like listening to a soviet version of American Idol.

      • phuzz says:

        BBC Radio 6Music. Eff Tee Double-U.
        Their motto is, if you don't like what's playing now, you'll probably like what's on next. And because it's the beeb, there's no adverts, well, except a few for other BBC stuff, but nothing compared to commercial radio.
        Also TripleJ in Australia is pretty good (and equally no adverts).

        • Jon says:

          DAB (UK-only digital) or Online (IP-restricted UK only) only. Still good though. Sadly mostly still playlist driven for the daily shows, so whilst the playlist is pretty good, it still gets repetitive.

          • phuzz says:

            I'm pretty sure non UK people can listen live on the internet, it's just iPlayer they're barred from, and IP blocking is hardly foolproof.

  6. kkrv says:

    Metric songs would be better with a vocalist who can belt it out. She sounds like she needs to sit down for a minute.

  7. trollop says:

    This is my favorite song by them. It's been out a while though. Could it be I discovered something before you? surely not.

  8. Alchemist says:

    Good song.

    Seek: the hypnotic acoustic version
    Destroy: the Mike Shinoda remix