I can't tell whether this is cosplay

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  1. Sheilagh says:

    Fashion student / runway fashion. The geometry screams "See, Teacher! I DID listen to your composition & balance lecture!" And the font on the tumblr suggests "We sit around generating new hair salon names like hipsters generate faux band names."

    • Buddy Casino says:

      Nailed it.
      Also, I wonder if we can get here airborne by attaching a string and running in the wind...

  2. Different Jamie says:


  3. Not That Jamie says:

    OK, I must admit that I live in a hole, but why the fuck are artillery detonating over my head? What holiday am I unaware of?

    Of course, this is completely off-topic.

  4. Mike Hoye says:

    Sufficiently advanced fashion is indistinguishable from cosplay.

    The corollary to that is, of course, that fashion that's distinguishable from cosplay is insufficiently advanced.

  5. Boxcat says:

    Of course it's cosplay. Romulan Minnie Mouse shall replace Slave Leia as the dominant cosplay form at cons.

    Look for it soon in popular culture - starting with an appearance in dreadful Ladytron videos.

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