Glad they put those bike lanes on Market:

Where else would the taxis and recycling trucks park?

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11 Responses:

  1. Notthebuddha says:

    No rage-inducing pictures?

  2. gilbert says:

    month or so ago one night, Zuni put a "valet parking only" sign right in the fucking middle of the bike lane. kicked it over but if i see it again it's coming with me.

  3. Matt says:

    I'm amazed that the Taxis feel so annoyed by cyclists that they've put those stupid "Taxis can be in bike lanes!" bumper stickers on the Taxis.

    • Kevin says:

      It's a lot of work washing blood and scraping bone fragments off your bumpers.

    • Mark Ballew says:

      Taxi's can be in bike lanes to drop off or pick up disabled passengers. The Federal Government mandates this with ADA law; if you don't like it, write the US Transportation Department. It's not up to SF, the MTA is forced to allow it or get sued.

      Taxi drivers have been trained to be careful of cyclists when going to the curb, and the MTA-supplied stickers are to let you know they aren't just being a douche when they go to pick up granny and her walker at the Dollar Store at mid-block 8th and Market.

      Parked taxis, firetrucks, recycling trucks, tow trucks, etc in the bike lane are illegal and should be called into DPT's direct line: 415-553-1200 or 311, note the medallion number and time of day.

      • jwz says:

        if you don't like it, write the US Transportation Department.

        You FUNNEH.

        Why would I do that when I have a blog?

        Taxi drivers have been trained to be careful

        Ok now you're just trolling.

        • You can always report them to the SFPD taxi squad, they will probably be made to attend a training session (Thursday AM, you WILL NOT BE LATE, or so it was when I got my A card and drove a taxi here). Really, date, time, and car number, and you can make the driver miserable.

  4. LafinJack says:

    Start slashing tires.

    • gilbert says:

      "please don't park in the bike lane" on very sticky stickers just the right size for the driver's outside rearview mirror were the tool of choice when i was living in munich a decade ago.