Facebook groups, WTF?

I have a couple of Facebook groups that were created a few years ago and had like 4,000+ members each, and they've now been "migrated" to the new group format... ("migrated" good and hard) and it looks like now the only "members" are the people who were admins before, which is like 6 people. Did Facebook really just throw away 4,000 subscribers on me?

These two groups have been mostly quiescent for more than a year, so I guess in the grand scheme of things I don't really care and ought to just delete them anyway...

But did this thing that I think happened actually happen?


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  1. Yeah, it happened to me as well. I was the only admin on my group and nobody told me I was talking to myself for around a year. I haven't heard any tech blogs or other group admins mention the change either, so I figured nobody gives a damn about fb groups and deleted it.

  2. Ben D. says:

    This happened last summer. I remember getting notifications for my groups, but here's a write up because I'm lazy:

    FB Group migration

    Not justifying it, just providing context. I don't think large groups with thousands of members got moved over as Facebook wants these to be "Pages". IMO the FB Group/Page distinction is awful, but they have billions so I guess I'm wrong.

  3. I saw one Group/Page/Thing that offered, "This'll be fiddled with soon, want to stay in?" to me, but I think that required going to the actual Group/Page/Thing instead of just seeing posts turn up in the Feed.

    So, the pages that I didn't actually directly visit in that window of time just up and vanished on me.

  4. Otto says:

    Yup, that's exactly what they did.

    I don't know any more than most people, but I think that basically people used groups for things that FB didn't consider to be legit "groups". I mean, fact is that most groups were garbage. One time "join" things that put a blurb into your personal feed. "Otto joined 'BASEBALL-TEAM-SUCKS'" and similar. Not active discussions, not active membership, just one-time-things that were throw-aways.

    So any group that had "activity" for however you want to define that got the opportunity to upgrade. The rest got dumped.

  5. jwz says:

    Also now it apparently requires me to manually click "approve" on each person who tries to join, which I didn't have to do before.

    I guess I'm not going to bother, and I'll just let them fester.

    • Anthony says:

      On the other hand, you can just add people back without asking them if they really wanted to rejoin your group. Because I really wanted to have people adding me to semi-random facebook groups making me remove myself if I didn't want to join.

  6. Hi, i had the luck to migrate my > 1.500 users group to the new format and didn't lose them. A friends had two groups migrated automatically and one kept the users because it was more "active"

  7. Lloyd says:

    I was expecting more from your facebook page.