An important message from Cave Johnson

"Extra-Earth Outsourcing Initiative: Disclaimer: Any resemblance to Earths not residing in the public domain is guaranteed by the physical laws of multiverse theory, and therefore not actionable."

"This is not a dramatization. An Earth where sea mollusks have created an advanced land-based society with wholly inappropriate bipedal keyboards is guaranteed to exist."

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  1. Bench Carslon says:

    Wait, what am I doing May 8th?

  2. Not for consoles? First time I've been sad about having an xbox 360.

    • It's a level builder, right? A game console just isn't the right platform to run something like that. I won't be able to use it either, but I'd rather they ship a thing right rather than trying to wedge it into a platform where it doesn't fit.

      • I think I'd be happy to have access to the levels built by those who have access to the level builder. Perhaps that will happen.

      • Adolf Osborne says:

        AFAICT both the 360 and the PS3 support normal keyboards, mice, and HDMI (and therefore DVI-I as well), much like a modern PC. The user experience can, therefore, be identical.

        In this particular instance, I (as a user) think it'd be totally appropriate to have such a tool work on all of the platforms that the game itself runs on if the hardware is sufficiently capable.

        But that's just me.

        • Jesper says:

          It probably doesn't have anything to do with mice and keyboards. You don't enter a lot of text except to name your level and selection and rotation can be solved well, maybe better, with two analog sticks. "It can be tarted up to look like a computer" is a weird argument.

          Maybe it's a question of building the actual map. It takes forever on a real computer and they might not even have ported the map compilers yet. The compilers may require lots of RAM or scratch space, things that are sparse or limited on consoles.

          Maybe it's a question of browsing the workshop. It's just a web site instead of in-game menus. I have no idea whether PS3 Steam has the web browser, but I could see how that might be an issue.

  3. David M.A. says:

    [Continue Inspirational Music] in the subtitles is a nice touch.

  4. DaveL says:

    Always wondered where they got some of those levels.

  5. Catonic says:

    I, for one welcome our....