Update I realize that sometimes my shorthand is a little too short, and this contributes to my ongoing problem that nobody has any idea what I'm saying, so let me elaborate here.

you were expected to macroexpand "Wut?" into: "Here we have an early-20s dyke wearing a backwards trucker cap with some kind of law enforcement logo on it, and she has chosen as her only tattoo, Jackie Kennedy. Her only tattoo. What is it about Jackie Kennedy that could have so moved this person to this choice?"

You all interpreted my comment correctly, though, right?

No, I didn't ask. Some questions are better than their answers could ever be.

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3 Responses:

  1. phuzz says:

    I'm going to guess that it's a silent rebuke to an ex who once compared her (him? it's hard to tell from the photo) to Jackie Kennedy.
    Years later, still unable to get that comment out of their head, the subject of the photo spent their own hard earned cash getting a tattoo of JK on their right arm, to finally remove the thought from their head and pin it to their flesh in the most permanent way possible.

    Or, you know, they might have just thought it looked cool.

  2. ryanlrussell says:

    Oh, see. I would have guess Mary Tyler Moore.

  3. Malachi Kenney says:

    That's clearly Dr. Girlfriend.