Wonder Villains

I think all of their songs were about TV shows or love letters to celebrities. It was kind of adorable.

Also, God Save The British Music Embassy, the venue I spend more of my SXSW time in than any other. I'm an hour off the plane and they ply me with awesome bands and free food and booze on Her Majesty's dime. Uh, shilling?

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  1. Erbo says:

    Well, maybe you are shilling for them...I wouldn't blame you, with the freebies and all.

    Oh yeah, right.

    The shilling went the way of all metal in 1971, when the Brits decimalized the currency. I suppose the nearest equivalent would be a ten-pence piece (worth about US$0.16)...

    • Her Majesty's two bob?

    • Stephen Harris says:

      20 shillings to the pound (12 pence to the shilling), thus 1 shilling became 5 new pence. And, indeed, the 5 new pence coin of the time was the same size as the shilling, and the 10 new pence coin was the same size as the florin (2 shilling coin).

      When I was growing up (early 70s) both new and old coins were in common circulation, valued at the "new pence" value.