Apparently the whole Birthday Massacre / Evanescence thing is a genre. It was very "slick".

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  1. piku says:

    I have to say, compared to previous years your photos are distressingly clear and well exposed. Damn Apple and their ability to make a decent phone camera, we don't get to see pages of pink blobs on fuzzy blue backgrounds any more.

    I recommend you switch to the FaceTime camera immediately, or use an iPad 2 instead. They still have terrible cameras.

  2. wirehead says:

    I'm sure that your average music reporter, if told to write an article about the Birthday Massacre / Evanescence genre of keys + guitar + female vocalist would probably describe it as "Kate Bush gone metal".

    Or was that overly snarky?

    • Lun Esex says:

      Only if that "average music reporter" grew up in the UK, and was writing for a UK audience. Otherwise, at best, Kate Bush would be music only his/her parents had heard of.

      In the US they might refer to Tori Amos* or Sarah McLachlan "gone metal."

      *Amusingly the first album Tori Amos put out, Y Kant Tori Read, was itself pop hard rock. Someone told her "we've already got Lita Ford" and Tori subsequently changed her style.