Shout Out Out Out Out

There is some debate over the number of Outs, but I believe four.

I should mention that despite being a vocoder band with adorably vintage electronics, they really played a fucking show. This was no group of laptop jockeys.

Them: "Hi, we're from Canada. North West Canada." Eva: "So, Alaska?" Me: "No, that would be North West West West West Canada." [Then I just started giggling, for quite a while.] Eva: "You're writing your blog post already, aren't you?" Me: "No, honestly I was still just being charmed at how funny I think I am! Seriously, I kill me."

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3 Responses:

  1. Lex Lapax says:

    You're having way too much fun out there at SXSW. I'm "envying you" sitting at home, though still listening to some music ...

  2. How weird to see them pop up here - I'm friends with the bass player, Whitey Houston. I've done posters for these guys and they are easily one of the best live shows I've ever seen.

    I believe they adhere to your two drummers rule as well.

  3. Josh says:

    The nifty part about this post, isn't your giggling, that probably happens at every diner stop, but I'm presuming that's Eva A. who's there, and that's awesome. You brought council. :)