Metreon: Enemy of The Fucktopus.

I'm so glad that Metreon is going out of its way to make it harder for me to read webcomics in Yerba Buena Park.

Exhibit A: "Metreon Center" wifi:

Exhibit B: AT&T 3G:


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5 Responses:

  1. cd says:

    Mmm, Oglaf.

  2. Nick Lamb says:

    After being with my mobile telephone provider for almost eighteen years they insisted I provide them with "proof" that I'm over eighteen before allowing me to read Oglaf from my phone. I've paid for service by credit card for most of those years.

  3. piku says:

    Once again provides a fine example of why my work's keyword and site blacklist filtering proxy is broken. I cannot search for Xbox games, but I can view cartoon porn.

    It also proves that nobody monitors this stuff!

  4. Lloyd says:

    Oglaf now has three strong female characters - the hunter, the thief and the vampire - and they have started to interact. But there are no strong male characters. It is incredibly sexist.

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